About MLB

We have a different concept.

MLB Residential Lending serves the lending needs of home buyers, home owners, real estate professionals and builders. Our staff are passionate about assisting others in fulfilling the American Dream of home ownership, making the process as simple as possible. As a community-focused lender, MLB frequently and consistently contributes to the well-being of our communities, donating to charitable organizations and engaging in the growth and development of a fair market for homebuyers.

Our leader and CEO, Samuel P. Lamparello, plays an integral role in The Community Home Lenders Association (CHLA). The primary goal of the CHLA is to be a distinct national voice and advocate, for small and mid-sized, non-bank lenders across the United States. The CHLA is diligently working towards creating a fair and equal regulatory environment for small non-bank lenders. Bringing parity into the market creates competition, which ultimately benefits the consumer.

The picture below of CHLA members, was taken outside the White House. MLB is a community lender that cares! 



Balanced CFPB Enforcement for Community Lenders

In April, the CHLA wrote the CFPB to press for more balanced regulation and enforcement policies for small non-bank mortgage lenders – making policy recommendations to give smaller lenders a chance to correct problems prior to CFPB enforcement actions, and suggestions to improve compliance guidance.

Making Sure the GSEs Work for Community Lenders

* In May, the CHLA led a coalition of small lender/consumer groups in a letter to FHFA Director Watt, urging suspension of dividend payments to Treasury, to build capital and avert a credit contraction resulting from a Treasury draw. * In late May, a CHLA Op-Ed published in both the American Banker and National Mortgage News strongly opposed Congressional efforts to turn the Common Securitization Platform (CSP) over to the big banks and also opposed up-front risk sharing that could harm CHLA Members’ ability to securitize loans.

House Passage of Transitional Licensing Legislation

In May the House passed, by voiced vote, a strong Transitional Licensing bill – which was an outgrowth of legislation introduced, three years ago, by SAFE Act author, Rep. Spencer Bachus and was developed in collaboration with CHLA.

 Fighting for Another Reduction in FHA Premiums

CHLA started 2016 with a letter to the Administration calling for a second round of FHA premium cuts and an End-to-Life of Loan premiums. National Mortgage News noted CHLA’s leadership on the issue – in contrast to MBA’s opposition. In June, Compass Point Research raised the odds of a fee cut this year to 60%. 


It was our dream in founding our company that Home owners are ready for a creative and imaginative mortgage source within their own community. We recognized, for example, the important relationship that exists between the borrower and the lender, and foresaw the opportunity for creating a better service to our customers by providing access to local branches in addition to the internet. Our plan was to have an office near you and give you the choice to visit personally or through a web address.

We had also learned from long experience in the Real Estate/Mortgage field what realtors and home buyers desire most from a mortgage banker: the sensitivity, flexibility and competence for rendering a genuinely responsive service. Building on standards like these is enabling us to realize our dream of what a mortgage company should be. MLB is becoming one of New Jersey’s leading and most innovative providers of home mortgages. Our financial resources place us in a strong position for supporting our steadily expanding mortgage volume. Evolving with our growth has come a full range of services, tailored with imagination to accommodate the mortgage needs of a wide and varied circle of prospective homeowners.

What makes us proud to be your lender?

  • Experience: our executives, each have over 30 years experience
  • Program Options: MLB offers programs to meet the needs of most families
  • Closings: your loan will close in accordance to your needs
  • Technology: our cutting edge technology allows customers to remain informed throughout their application process
  • Our Promise: to deliver the best rates and terms custom to each applicant
  • Loan Originator Commitment: to stay with your application thru closing and is willing to be available after normal business hours
  • MLB Commitment: to be your local direct mortgage lender